Lawrence Mark

Lawrence Mark

Founder / Inventor

Hi, my name is Lawrence Mark and I am the Inventor of the Lovers’ Dream and majority shareholder of Blue Dreams Global Inc. & Blue Dreams Co. Ltd. I have always had an experimental, adventurous, open-minded and fun loving attitude to making love. I had an experience in 2001 while having fun in bed playing around with my girlfriend at the time, which was incredible for both of us.

This experience led me to invent the first prototype of the Lovers’ Dream. That was the beginning of many years of challenges, accomplishments and ongoing improvements to create the perfect product which simultaneously enhances and heightens the love making experience for couples at the same time. I am grateful to all of my loving friends who helped to balance the scales in my favour always. Blue Dreams has been granted Patents in all of the major global territories and we are about to share my DREAM with everyone all over the World.

Michael Bassett

Michael Bassett


Michael Bassett, renowned Pleasure Product industry professional, has joined BDGI in a consulting capacity to guide the development and global marketing and sales of the Lovers’ Dream.

Michael has recently stepped down after 6 years as CEO at Calvista, Australia’s largest importer and distributor of adult pleasure products. In this time of changing market conditions and recessive economies, he expanded Calvista’s product ranges and sales volumes and secured many exclusive and highly lucrative pleasure product sales agreements including the highly successful We-Vibe from Standard Innovation Corporation, Canada. He is regarded as one of the few people in the world who were instrumental in the early sales success of this product and company.

Prior to Calvista, Michael managed the German operations of the ecommerce adult retailer adultshop.com and later orchestrated its sale to one of Germany’s largest erotic conglomerates.

Fluent in German and English, with degrees in psychology, marketing and management, Bassett lived in Hamburg, in Germany’s north for 12 years and gained mainstream corporate expertise as Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa for Minolta’s hi tech 3D Division.

A Note From Design & Engineering
The Expert Opinion

A Note From Design & Engineering


Every great idea needs a creative product architect and engineering team to steer the concept through to a manufacturing-ready product with a WOW factor.   Lawrence Mark and the team at Blue Dreams contacted our Design-Engineering firm through a search on the Internet after trying to understand the process and requirements to bring a product to market.  We will refer to our design firm as ‘Q2’ (after James Bonds secret design-engineering ‘cool products’ build team) as we prefer to stay anonymous to keep the focus on our client’s success.  From those initial discussions Q2 helped Lawrence formulate a plan for the design and development of ‘The Lovers’ Dream’.

Budget to take a product to market was a one challenge for Lawrence and his team but, this was solved by finding interested investors.  The business team believed they had found the right help with the Q2 design teamto get them to market.  In late April of 2014, Q2 was engaged and the product began to take shape.  A very detail-oriented person, Lawrence needed to be actively involved and worked closely with the Q2 design team remotely with their online tools, to shape the product direction.

In short order, the physical concept was defined and the electronics were determined by the Q2 team which allowed the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Q2 staff to commence work.  The Engineers worked closely with the Industrial Designers ensuring Lawrence’s vision of the product was maintained.  The Bill of Materials was scrutinized by the Q2 team to remove cost where feasible with Lawrence being ever vigilant that quality, which was of paramount concern, was the top priority.

Working with Blue Dreams in a lean product development methodology, the Q2team considered how the user would want the product to work and look.  During the concept phase, Q2 explored options, refined the product and then, built prototypes to try out and test, before engaging in the detailed engineering.  As spring turned to summer the product really began to take shape.  There was excitement in the air for all involved.  The initial fully working prototype was fabricated and tested by the Q2team in their labs and forwarded to Lawrence and the business team.  The reaction was incredible! This was the first time Lawrence and the team had seen the product concept post design, testing and prototyping. After all the hard work and patience, their expectations were realised.

Minor refinements to the product were implemented during the next few months, as the learning from the prototype showed details that could be improved.  In parallel with the design development, the Q2 Supply Strategy team worked with Lawrence to develop relationships with proven suppliers that could take the product to production.

As the effort transitioned from the Q2 Creative Design team to the Q2Manufacturing Strategy team, Lawrence was advised on options around quality, testing and logistics of trusting relationships with suppliers. Following a review and cost analysis, Lawrence then selected a proven Contract Manufacturer (CM) that had the experience and ability to build a high quality product in volume.  To build this relationship, Lawrence and the Blue Dreams team had to prove themselves credible to these contract manufacturers and existing Q2 relationships helped to foster this trust.

To aid in this effort the Q2 Manufacturing Services expert prepared all the necessary documents, the Product File, the Quality Assurance Documents, and Assembly Documents.  Early information was shared and rapidly the suppliers and CM became partners in the process.  The Q2 team studied the design solution and worked through the suggested CM refinements on each part and assembly process, to simplify the build and lower the costs further.  As time passed the product was further refined, production estimates came clearly into view, and further savings were made where possible, until purchase orders were issued for an initial Pilot Production run.

Aggressive timelines were set for this run. With careful planning and scheduling by the Q2 team, the chances that dates could be met were significantly improved.  Tooling drawings were released, and as of the writing of this piece, we are pleased to report that it appears that not only will the production run occur on track but that it may actually be early.

Every product development project is the work of a team of experts in business, design, engineering and manufacturing.  Lawrence and his team integrated with theQ2 team to ensure market success and are in the final stages of achieving something really special.  In the next few weeks the Q2 team will be on hand to watch the first units roll off a production line.   Their role is to evaluate, recommend and steer as the manufacturing team learns the final details of what is important, and yes… to celebrate a little bit.  After a short functional testing and user reaction testing phase, all will be hard at work again, organizing for full product launch in the very near future.

On a personal note, and being the author of this summary, I have come to know this product and Lawrence.  We spoke often over the two years to explain how we work and help clients.  On one occasion, on a Friday evening over a Skype call, with wine in hand, we talked for over an hour.  Lawrence and his team had to overcome business obstacles and never wavered from their vision of what this product could do, and what it could mean to so many people.  As a design, engineering and manufacturing support team, our role at Q2 is to steer Lawrence through the physical hardware product development and find the perfect solution to his vision.

The team at Q2 has added creativity, proven process and experience to Lawrence’s effort and are extremely proud of the achievement.  We have a great feeling that the market will love this product, and believe that this is not the end of the journey with Lawrence, but rather the beginning.  We invite you to join us in this journey.

Congratulations to Lawrence Mark and the business team at Blue Dreams.

This product is a winner!

The Expert Opinion


When I first heard of the Lovers’ Dream I was very impressed! When I learnt more, I was convinced and wanted to be part of the team! For several years now, there has been little real innovation in adult pleasure product. Sure, there are a few highlights here and there but nothing that really jumps out at you as a major game changer!   “The Lovers’ Dream is a ‘real’ game changer”that will come in many shapes, sizes, colors and varieties of electronic configurations. There are 2 more distinctly different products under the same concept and patents, to follow, that will also be shared with the World in time.

There are a plethora of vibrators and massagers on the market, predominantly used for female solo play and this arena is heavily saturated.  By its very nature, being a couple’s product, the Lovers’ Dream will gain mass mainstream attention.  We have seen first hand the success of other couples devices, well constructed items made with attention to detail, materials, ergonomics and reliability. The couples market for adult product is lucrative due to its size and its acceptance of a mutual sexual aid. Couples who have been together for some time, females who have had children- this is a sizeable global audience with a combined and established disposable income and many of these will purchase this product.  This isn’t marketing hype, I know it, as I’ve sold millions of dollars of such items for many years.

The Lovers’ Dream has all the right elements. It has a smooth body safe silicon shell, it’s phthalate free, is rechargeable, has 3 vibrating motors, it looks great and is designed for use by couples during penetration whilst providing clitoral stimulation. It provides a sense of being fulfilled in every way for both parties whilst offering simultaneous orgasm. As a bonus, if desired, it can be rotated and used also for anal play. It is a Lovers’ Dream!

The global potential in terms of sales of this product is enormous. It will be sold in every country in the world that doesn’t prohibit the sales of adult pleasure product and with the proliferation of adult product and awareness via ecommerce and social media, it will reach even the most distant places quite swiftly.  The Lovers’ Dream will bring pleasure, and pleasure back, to many couples and lovers all over the world.