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The “Lovers’ Dream”, is a Couple’s Sexual Device, that increases pleasure while making love.

Medical Quality Silicone

Made of Body-Safe, Medical Quality Silicone

Hands Free

No Need For Hands or Handling Once In Use


Fully Rechargeable

For Her & Him

Makes Her Tighter & Shallower for Him

Water Resistant

Water Resistant and Can Work In The Shower

5 Modes

5 Modes – Independent Clitoral, G-Spot & Internal Stimulation

3 Speeds

3 Speed Cycles – Gentle Through to Intense

For Lovers or Solo

Designed for Lovers or Solo use

The Fit

The revolutionary Lovers’ Dream has been specifically designed to fit snug, deep within her. The unique shape still allows him to fit alongside comfortably. Once in position, the Lovers’ Dream will remain in place, creating a more natural ‘hands-free’ and thrilling adventure for both partners.


The Stimulation

The Lovers’ Dream provides variable vibrations in 3 erotic zones – the clitoris, the g-spot and extra stimulation deep inside.

The specially shaped bullet tip can be placed either on the clitoral area or in the anal position, and the bulb is designed to keep the product in, and massage him at the same time. The Lovers’ Dream delivers out of this world stimulation for both partners simultaneously and that is the key to the Lovers’ Dream, it is a genuine lovers product for couples to use together to create more intimacy and a deeper connection ….

However, if so desired, the Lover’s Dream is perfect for solo play. There is truly nothing else like the Lovers’ Dream.


The Colours


The Dimensions


The Build


Although the Lovers’ Dream is completely new on the market, this innovative product has been researched, conceptualized, developed and re-developed over the course of many years. We have successfully reached this exciting stage of our development by working with some of the top consultants in the business, including one of the very best design engineering companies in the world. We believe that we have designed an amazing product, and as far as we know, the Lovers’ Dream is one of the very few dual function sexual aid products in the world.


With patents secured in the US, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, China & Austrailia & in the EU, Brazil and India, we have already successfully produced a variety of functioning prototype models for testing and review. So far, all of the lucky couples invited to try the Lovers’ Dream have been both blown away by the unparalleled stimulation and deeply satisfying sensations it creates.

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