Catering Disposables

Catering Disposables

Catering Disposables is a family run company, which has been setting the standard for catering suppliers for over 40 years. We focus on sustainability and quality and hold integrity at the core of our business. We are a world leader in catering disposable supplies and hygiene needs. Whether you’re planning a celebration or a small gathering, we have the right catering supplies to suit your needs.

Wholesale disposable catering supplies

Disposable catering supplies are great for parties and events. They make clean-up hassle-free, especially when catering a big event. Everybody needs basic hygiene products, and buying them in bulk helps you cut monthly expenses. These items come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and you can even get them customized to your liking.

Disposable tableware can be used in restaurants, catering businesses, concession stands, and pubs. They are also great for soups, sandwiches, and fruit trays. Moreover, they can be used for serving and packaging menu items.

Biodegradable materials

Eco-friendly biodegradable catering disposables are a great way to cut back on harmful chemical waste in the food industry. Using these products will help to protect the environment from pollution and protect vulnerable ecosystems. Biodegradable catering disposables are compostable, recyclable and safe for the environment.

A Bristol-based biodegradable catering disposables wholesaler offers a complete line of compostable and biodegradable products for the foodservice industry. This includes everything from cups and lids to greaseproof bags and festival cups.

Eco-friendly materials

Catering businesses should consider using eco-friendly materials for their disposables to ensure the highest level of sustainability. This includes using 100% compostable materials for dishes, cutlery, and dessert containers. Other eco-friendly materials for catering disposables include bamboo, sugarcane pulp, and palm leaf.

Restaurants with sustainability initiatives are making the switch to more eco-friendly materials for catering disposables. However, they must be aware that green packaging can cost up to two times as much as conventional materials.


Catering disposables are single-use products used for food preparation and service. Available online from Chef & Bar Supplies, these disposables make life easier for catering professionals and consumers. They also reduce food waste and the need for cleaning. Plus, they eliminate the risk of broken glass. Whether you are preparing a buffet for an outdoor party or a quick takeout service for your next corporate event, disposables are a great option. Innovative brands offer high-quality products that fit the needs of any catering establishment.

When you consider the environment, it is easy to see why catering disposables are so important. Plastics that are not recycled are a major contributor to plastic pollution. Only 9% of all plastic produced worldwide is recycled, according to the United Nations Environment Programme. In addition, by the year 2050, the oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish.


Catering disposables can be an extremely cost-effective solution for a variety of different applications, including online food delivery and dine-in applications. As a result, these products are becoming increasingly popular and the market is expected to continue growing over the next several years. Let’s take a closer look at how disposable food packaging can impact the environment.

Disposable catering supplies are easy to store and can save a business quite a bit of money. In addition, they’re also eco-friendly. Many disposable products are recyclable. In addition to this, they don’t require costly replacement or cleanup. Disposable items can also be stylish and add a touch of personality to an event.