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But we consult with our clients that you need to feed social media with effective content to drive business growth. This data highlights the extent to which video content is used by customers in all aspects of their online lives. We create content and campaigns specifically tailored to each social media channel to maximize impact. How can European governments and our mainstream media insist all the Palestinians want is their own country? This is the same way our media whitewashed the rise of German Nazism, lulling Americans into complacency until the outbreak of World War II. I don’t see Trump planning to exterminate a portion of the population, or launch a full-scale invasion of the rest of the world (well, at least no more invasions than any other president in recent memory). You didn’t see Hitler or Mussolini planning to do those things ca. 1930, either. Trump and Hitler alike, at election time, sold their followers the impression that once a Strong Leader laid down the law, the undesirables would go away on their own – or at least settle down to be obedient menial laborers supporting the national cause.

Here’s David Armano’s blog post asking his network to pass along the $20 for a t-shirt for a cause. This will, unfortunately, be longer than my usual post. Check out this lead generation tools post for advanced recommendations. We let you know which metrics you should be tracking and which tools you can use to monitor them here. If she is bad, then she can try to be good. For example, if a vendor sells to the automotive industry, then the ability to delivery high volume goods may be an important factor. If she is bad, then her parents are good. They are over-protective parents. With the aim to keep shipping costs in check, social media agency bournemouth many retailers are encouraging consumers to purchase online and pick up in-store. But most people are unwilling to face unpleasant facts. The facts are there for all to see. Anyone who has tried to argue on Israel’s behalf by marshalling reams of uncontestable facts has experienced this wall of complacent ignorance and denial.

The men of the psychiatric establishment persisted in their bland denial. I look at my daughters, I’m aware that somewhere on this planet, at this very moment, there are people who want to murder them… In other words, don’t send the entire set of department salaries in one XML and expect the employee to look at only his with the accompanying XSL style sheet. In one year, four native ad formats were created on web and mobile, and had more than 100 brands advertising on Tumblr with 500 cumulative sponsored posts. Born and raised in LA, BH Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in the beauty industry. Remember the Arab wars to throw Israel into the sea, all before the occupation of the West Bank? Arab neo-Nazism is rarely reported in the news, its direct links to Nazi German are never covered, and Arab hate of Jews is frequently justified. Hate and murder of Israelis is presented as an understandable reaction to those famously frustrated national aspirations. This open goal to destroy Israel and murder Jews is not too complex to understand.

When the U.N. recognized Israel in 1948, it simultaneously created an Arab state on the West Bank – which was refused. The latest formula for destroying Israel is the ‘right of return’, or ‘one state solution’, which means making Israel an Arab state. It is not that Israel is at fault for ineffectively presenting their case – we are once again blaming the victim. This tactic of blaming the victim is used by both victims and bystanders in order to “preserve a sense of meaning, hope and power.” This is the psychology at work when we see liberal Israelis and Americans, especially scared Jews, blame Israel for the Arab campaign to destroy her. Society always blames the victim and ignores the perpetrator – Dr. Herman shows this with incest, with child abuse, with rape, with wife beating. The child seizes upon this explanation and clings to it tenaciously, for it enables her to preserve a sense of meaning, hope and power.